Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Where do you ship from?

We ship and operate from Newcastle NSW being a legitimate Australian Online Business with ABN:81878578774.

How much does the shipping cost?

We offer a very flat shipping rate of $10 on all orders Australia wide regardless of the number of items ordered or purchase amount. Maximum 5 items in 1 parcel to ship out due to weight limitation on domestic small parcel allocation, but you can purchase as many items as you like in 1 order to get bulk discount. In short, order as many as you like in 1 purchase order but we ship orders of more than 5 items in separate parcels.

Very low shipping rate of $10 AUD to New Zealand on all orders regardless of the amount of purchase order. Maximum 3 items in 1 parcel due to weight limitation for small parcels bound for overseas, you can place as many items as you like in 1 purchase order to get bulk discount but more than 3 items will be shipped to you in separate parcels.

About $11 USD or $16 AUD flat rate shipping to US and Canada for purchase orders of up to 3 items/bottles.

We are now able to ship to Asian countries. $16 for up to 3 items order.

Shipping to other countries can be organized, just reach out to us so we can further assist.

Any issues placing an order, message or email us so we can assist.

Any applicable import tax, buyer is responsible, a small amount compensated by our very low shipping rate.

FOR BULK ORDER: Please contact us for shipping arrangement and discount.

How to purchase Grey Gone E-Gift Card.

  1. Place your order just like purchasing a product.
  2. Provide E-Gift Card information: Recipient Name, Recipient Email, a short Message up to 200 characters and the Date when to email the e-gift card to the recipient.
  3. To fulfil e-gift card order, we will email the details to the recipient so they can redeem the amount.

NOTE: This is a digital Gift Card no physical card will be mailed.

How does Grey Gone REWARD PROGRAM works?

We now have a Reward Program where you can easily earn and accumulate points that you can redeem towards your future orders. Points earned are yours to keep as they don’t expire.

Ways to earn points:

200 points – simply join our reward program by creating a Grey Gone account. Just click the EARN POINTS HERE Button at the bottom left of the homepage and follow the prompts to join.

200 points – automatically given on your birthday by entering your date of birth

50 points – subscribing to our newsletter

50 points – completing your profile

50 points – like and follow our Facebook page

50 points – sharing Grey Gone website to your Facebook

50 points – following our Instagram page

50 points – following our Pinterest page

50 points – following our TikTok page

100 points – for every referral when the referred placed an order, the referred gets 100 points as well to start their own Reward Program. No limits on referrals, the more the merrier.

2 points for every $1 spent on your future orders to top up your points. No limits on purchase points. Points earned from a purchase will update your reward balance within 24 hours.

Every 1000 points gets you $10 reward that you can use towards a future order. No limits on redemption, if you have it you can use it on an order above $100. One $10 reward per order applies.

Any issue with the program, just reach out to us so we can further assist.

How to order a Trio Pack, a 3 in 1 Basic Hair Care Kit:

Simply choose a Hair Dye colour from the 16 available colours then add the Shampoo and Conditioner to your order and proceed to checkout, the 5% discount automatically applies at checkout. If for some unknown reason the discount did not apply at checkout, we will refund you the difference prior to fulfilling your order.

How long do we have to wait for the item to arrive?

Shipping takes 7-10 working days depending on your location even less than that under normal conditions, but due to some restrictions, logistics issues, sudden high parcel volume at the Australia Post and limited flights, there could be delays.

Which country are your products manufactured from or made in?

Our products are imported from Hongkong, manufactured by highly reputable Caiqi Cosmetics Co. Ltd. For MOKERU Brand and not an inferior product as such.

Is the hair dye safe to use by pregnant women?

First and foremost, we have a duty of care to our valued customers that is why we do not recommend our hair dye to be used by pregnant women due to the potency of the plant formulation of ingredients used might have adverse reactions due to hormonal changes and sensitivity during pregnancy.

Is it tested on animals?

Our hair dye is not tested on animals nor any cruelty to animals.

Do you accept Afterpay as a form of payment?

Yes, Afterpay is now available with no minimum purchase. Interest Free, 4 equal instalments. With Afterpay, our complete and the best value for money Natural Haircare Packages are now even more affordable.

Do you accept ZipPay?

Yes we do. No minimum purchase amount. Interest free 4 equal instalments.

Do you have PayPal 4?

Yes, as long as you are qualified with your personal Paypal account.

Is the hair dye a permanent hair colour?

Our hair dye is a long lasting permanent hair colour, the result is instant and evident from initial application when the product is applied correctly.

Do you offer bulk discount?

We offer bulk discount of 10% Off if you purchase 3 or more items in 1 purchase order, and 5% Off if you order 2 items.

There are 20 colours of natural hair dye to choose from:

Light Brown No.01, Dark Brown No.02 (Brunette), Wine Red No.03 (Burgundy Red), Grape Red No.04 (Copper Red), Cherry Brown No.05, Chestnut Brown No.06, Blonde Brown No.07 (Golden Brown), Natural Black No.08 (Lightest), Dazzling Pearl Black No.09 (Medium), Glaze Dark Black No.10 (Darkest Black), Deep Purple No.11, Caramel Coffee No.12, Glowing Bright Red No.13 (Light Red), and the Honey Pure Brown No.14 (Chocolate Brown), Olive Green No.15, Silver Gray No.16, Golden Brown No.17, Ice Matt Blonde No.18, Dark Linen No.19 and Black Tea No.20 (Brown Black).

What hair dye colour should I choose?

It is always better to choose or pick the colour closest to your natural hair colour or current colour for best result and coverage for a naturally looking hair. Other colours of course are also suitable to use but might need to mix 2 colours together or customize to achieve the result that suits especially for hard to cover greys.

Is your hair dye safe to use on sensitive scalp?

We highly recommend people who are prone to allergies to do a spot test behind the ear prior to full application to check for any adverse reactions to plant formulation of ingredients used, and only way to find out if our product would suit you is to try.

Do you have samples to try?

As mush as we wanted to provide samples to try, unfortunately our manufacturer does not supply them to keep the cost down.

Is your hair dye chemical free?

Our hair dye is based on plant formulation of ingredients without the harsh or nasty chemicals, if there is any trace of chemical in the product, it is very minute and such a small quantity needed in the process to make it work as a permanent hair colour, otherwise the colour will just wash off when rinsed with water.

Can your hair dye be used on facial hair?

Yes, our hair dye is also suitable to use on men's facial hair as it does not stain the skin. Rinse and wash well with water after application. Also suitable to use on chest hair. We recommend do a patch or spot test prior to full application to check for skin reaction.

Why does the hair dye bottle leak?

The bottle has a bit of pressure in the chamber that pushes the content out so once opened and used, there is still a bit of air left in it that pushes the content out a bit more so it appears leaking but it's not really, so it is best to be put back in the box that it came with or better yet put on something to protect the surface where you store it.

If there is a need to shake the bottle, please cover the spout to prevent the content from coming out especially the colorant as it is located on the upper chamber part of the bottle.

How often can I use the hair dye?

Our hair dye is similar to any other hair colouring product, apply when needed to cover grey hair, regrowth or the full hair as per usual maintenance. 5 minutes for a quick fix or leave it on for 20 minutes or longer if you have time on your hands for best result and coverage. Instructions is also printed on the box.

How much hair dye do I need to apply?

All depends on the nature of your hair; the thickness, length and the type of hair you have. Make sure you have sufficient amount to massage and lather well for best result and coverage.

How long should I leave the hair dye on for?

5 minutes for quick fix but it is better to leave it on for 20 minutes or longer if you have time on your hands to achieve the best result and coverage.

How come the hair dye is not working for me?

Our hair dye is in a shampoo form for easy application process and not a typical shampoo as such wherein you lather and rinse, the colour will just wash off that way and won't work at all. Best to apply on dry hair for better result, massage and lather well for even coverage, leave on for 20 minutes or longer then rinse well with water and wash hair as per usual.

Where can I buy?

Our products are only available to purchase online.

I tried the hair dye but how come it did not work on me or the colour came out different.

Our hair dye is based on plant formulation of ingredients without harsh or nasty chemicals to colour the hair, end result differ from individual that is why we recommend to do a patch test prior to full application to preview result to see if the colour chosen is suitable.

Our 16 colours are indicative and cannot be compared to that of other brands.

Results differ from everyone, some achieve great results from initial application of the stand alone colour, to others are pretty good but unfortunately to some the result is different than anticipated. All depends on the type of hair that you have, the natural colour of your hair or current hair colour to begin with, to some degree even the hair products you currently use and to some the hard to cover greys.

To achieve desired results, sometimes it is a trial and error process to see which colour suits and works best for you. Same goes with any other brand of hair dye for that matter and we know our product will not suit everyone either. To some, the colour needs to be customized to suit especially for the hard to cover greys.

Most valued customers mix colours to achieve the result that they are aiming for and loving the outcome.

Pleas feel free to reach out to us if you need any help in choosing the colour that could be right for you.