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MOKERU is the ORIGINAL, trusted and a well-established Brand and the BEST Hair Dye Shampoo at a lowest price without compromising quality and real value for money!

The BEST DEAL in DIY home hair colouring and the easiest way to cover greys, regrowth or the full hair. The shampoo way to colour hair!

Hair Dye that is so easy to apply and is very cost effective as you only use what you need at a time, just like using shampoo. Browse our 15 amazing colours and see how our REVOLUTIONARY hair colour treatment will make you feel like a million dollars (it will also save you valuable time and money going to expensive hair salons!)

Our MOKERU Natural Coconut Oil Essence Hair Dye has a newly upgraded formula, (exclusive to Grey Gone) that contains the coconut oil to colour and nurture your hair.

Experience the NEW REVOLUTION in hair colouring today!

✅ Permanent, powerful and longer lasting
✅ Plant based formulation of ingredients
✅ Enriched with botanical extracts, infused with coconut oil
✅ No harmful chemicals that can damage the hair
✅ Easy to use application process, the shampoo way
✅ Suitable for all hair types and does not stain the skin
✅ No mess, no fuss, no pungent smell
✅ Prevents dandruff and promotes hair growth
✅ Comes in a 500ml bottle for multiple application
✅ 15 vibrant colours to choose from
✅ Even suitable to apply on men's facial hair 

Mokeru Hair Dye is best to apply on dry hair for better result.

We recommend using our Shampoo & Conditioner Duo for healthier and longer lasting permanent hair colour.

For a fuller and longer lasting colour, it is better to leave the Hair Dye on for 20 -30 minutes during application for best result and coverage.

Mix or customize colours to discover your unique style and look that is perfect for you, especially for the hard to cover greys.

We have 24/7 Customer Support at your service. We are here for you and with you any time and any day so reach out to us if you need help in choosing the colour/s that would work best on your hair type.

(N.B.: Our Hair Dye is a healthy choice cosmetic beauty product, colours are indicative, results may differ from everyone. To some, a stand-alone colour may need colour correction to achieve desired results. The hair needs to adapt to the gentle, mild and unique plant-based formula of ingredients that does not contain harsh or nasty chemicals that can damage the hair in the process.)

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