Making the BEST out of our 15 Vibrant Hair Colours

Our MOKERU Coconut Oil Essence Hair Dye has a newly upgraded formula, (exclusive to Grey Gone) which contains the natural coconut oil to colour and nurture your hair.
Browse our 15 amazing colours and see what our REVOLUTIONARY hair colour treatment can do to your hair!

It's time to create your own blend!

Do you know that each hair colour can give you endless unique shades when mixed with the right colour mix? Yes! You read that right! Hair colouring is also a form of art. A fashion. And it doesn't need to be all boring.
Try this:

Mixing 3 parts of Blonde Brown & 1 part of Glowing Bright Red gives you a unique colour like *STRAWBERRY BLONDE. 


Mixing 3 parts of Deep Purple & 1 part of Natural Black gives you a unique colour like **PURPLE BLACK.  


Mixing 3 parts of Wine Red & 1 part of Natural Black gives you a unique colour like **DEEP BURGUNDY.  


Doesn't want too dark or too light brown shade? Then **MEDIUM BROWN will work best on you! Achieve Medium Brown shade by mixing 3 parts of Light Brown & 1 part Natural Black.

**Also works in stubborn greys
NB: Adjust mixture accordingly to suit