To the majority of Grey Gone's  loyal  and much valued customers, the main reason for colouring hair is to take care of the greys, but for some, they just want to add colour to their hair as a way of a fashion trend. But do you know that there are also benefits of using a HAIR DYE that can do for us, especially a hair dye with natural ingredients and from plant based formulation like our hair care products? Read on!


  1. Added Thickness
    Colouring plumps the hair shaft and can make hair temporarily thicker and with more body than before, especially if you use hair dye with coconut oil ingredient, as coconut oil is known to help achieve thicker hair. So, in case you have fine hair, colour can be a great for you! Hair colour adds a coating to your hair that improves and thickens the texture of your hair. This also translates into more volume, and we know you want that!
  2. Beautiful Results
    If you are doing DIY colouring at home, make sure it is done correctly, just like in salons, and you’ll be sure to get a beautiful, glossy hair within 30 minutes or less - depending on your choice of colour.
  3. Improved Appearance
    Hair colour treatments are great ways to change your hair, according to your mood and personality. If you want to try out new looks, you can always enhance your appearance by changing your hair colour.
  4. Customized Colours
    You can get your hair done professionally or customized it on your own using our hair dyes. Our Mokeru Natural Coconut Oil Essence Hair Dye is so easy-to-use, apply on dry hair (preferably) or wet hair just like an ordinary shampoo! This way you can develop a hair colour that fully represents your unique personality.
  5. Protected Hair
    Hair colour protects your hair from environmental hazards like pollution, wind, or excessive heat from the sun, as well as cold temperatures in the winter.
  6. Personality Expression
    You can express and show off your personality by trying different, specific colours that represent you. Hair colour can also improve your self-image.
  7. Stronger Hair
    You may not have thought of this, but every time you add colour to your hair, you add strength to it. Colours add a certain coating on your hair which helps making your hair stronger. So, in case you have weak hair or slightly damaged hair, the Mokeru Hair Dye plus the Mokeru Shampoo & Conditioner Duo and also the Mokeru Coconut Oil Hair Treatment (which is free for every purchase of trio pack) can help to build up your hair strength.
  8. Smooth Hair
    Colour can also help tame frizzy hair by conditioning your hair and add more weight to your hair; and this really helps to keep your hair smooth and manageable.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose a colour and start making your hair gorgeous and fabulous! We recommend choosing a colour closest to your natural hair colour for best results.